Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

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Why are your Ford Bronco's $150,000+?

An obvious difference is that our comprehensive restorations include a warranty on the engine (which is new) and on the expertly rebuilt transmission. Bob from eBay won't offer you that.

The other differences are in the details. The term "restored" is used very loosely. There's a big difference in a "garage restoration" and an expert restoration. Many of the remaining early model ford Broncos have been projects for weekend mechanics over the past 40 years, like bob from eBay. while a select few may have been in capable hands, our experience in Bronco buying tells a different story. Whether it's lack of experience, not having the proper tools, budget constraints, or in some cases, laziness - we've seen some very creative methods for "restoring" a Bronco.

We've seen Broncos advertised as "fully restored" but with massive rust holes hidden with bondo and paint (we replace the panel). Old, rusty, broken bolts left in place (we drill them out and fix it). A wiring nightmare behind the dash (we replace it with a new wiring harness). Fasteners in various states of decay used to secure critical components (we use all new hardware). You get the point.

We do it the right way. You're buying a professionally restored Bronco from experts with a reputation for producing show-quality trucks.

How do i get my Bronco?

Classic Ford Broncos can arrange for delivery of your Bronco. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client and are paid to the transportation company at the time of delivery. Costs, availability, and transit times vary, but we will do our best to facilitate a cost-efficient and timely delivery on your behalf.

How long does it take?

From the day we start your build until it's ready for delivery, we estimate 8 weeks. We do our absolute best to meet our deadlines and to deliver on-time. However, every Bronco is different and there's always a chance of a delay outside of our control. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the process with regular updates - good, bad, or indifferent.

Where do you buy your Broncos from?

All over the United States from private sellers and dealers. We look for good quality Broncos. We don't discriminate just because, for example, a Bronco has lived in Wisconsin its whole life. It's not the Broncos fault. It didn't choose to be driven in road salt. It didn't ask to be exposed to such harsh climate changes. No one volunteers to live in Milwaukee... it just happens. Long story short, we buy Broncos from all over.

Can I visit your shop?

Sure. Walk-in visitors are welcome, but we recommend calling ahead and setting up an appointment. We may be out picking up parts, buying the next Bronco, or just back in the shop covered in dirt and grime... So, it's best to call ahead so we have time to put on a clean shirt!

Do you offer financing?

We work with JJ Best Banc - one of the top collector car financing companies in the country. If you're interested in financing a Bronco purchase, we can put you in touch with our contacts.

Otherwise, you're also welcome to work with your own bank or financial institution to arrange for financing.

A garbage bag full of cash works too but don't be offended, we will have to count it.

Do you want to buy my Bronco?

Maybe. If you're interested in selling us your early model ford bronco, please contact us and include:

1. Photos - body, interior, engine, frame, damage, rust, etc...
2. Description - include any damage, rust, pertinent history
3. Price - how much are you asking? Then subtract $2000
4. Contact information - your name, phone number

We'll get back to you within 24 hours, either with an offer or a funny joke...

What are the steps in the restoration process?

This is a rough schedule of our process. Keep in mind, we have other restorations ongoing and we ensure each project receives the necessary time and attention to detail it requires. We update clients weekly with an email & photos.

Week 1
Tear down, remove body from frame, find all the hillbilly rigging and remove it.

Week 2
Body work / paint prep, frame clean-up, rebuild transmission.

Week 3
Body is painted, new engine, rebuilt transmission, transfer case mounted to frame.

Week 4
New fuel lines, brake lines, brakes, wheels, tires, suspension, wiring, etc.

Week 5
Reunite the body and frame, complete wiring, exhaust, interior, finishing touches.

Week 6
Testing and tuning, wish it was our Bronco, detail, photograph, ready for deliver.

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