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Jason Oppenheim Bronco

Jason Oppenheim is the principal with The Oppenheim Group, the dominant real estate brokerage in the Hollywood Hills & Sunset Strip. With formal background as a trial lawyer, his law degree from UC Berkeley, we were curious how a former lawyer ended up as a Bronco driving real estate entrepreneur.

“For me, residential real estate is the most interesting and exciting thing I’ve ever experienced, it’s in my blood and has been a passion of mine since I was a child.” Oppenheim recounted. “I’ve always enjoyed not just the physical properties themselves, but the design, architecture, business, geography, and nuances that make one property more desirable than another.”

With such an exceptional eye for detail we knew that partnering with Jason was a perfect fit for a build of a 1966 Ford Bronco Coyote Restoration.

So when did Jason decide to make the move to a full time real estate focused career reset? “My Twin brother left his law firm job to travel the world.” Jason told us. “From that point it was hard for me to continue working as an attorney while watching him enjoy all of the many experiences he was having. It gave me the courage and push that I needed to do the same.”

With his distinguished legal career, the move to Real Estate was an easy, but challenging, move for Jason. “When the topic of my profession came up at the beginning of my [real estate] career, it was humbling to introduce myself as a real estate agent instead of an attorney. I went from a larger corner office at one of the most respected law firms in the country […] to being a new and unsuccessful realtor with a $24 Ikea desk in the corner of a friend’s small office.”.

So what was the biggest hurdle in developing his now distinguished career in Real Estate? Jason told us that “the biggest roadblock I encountered was the first and only significant roadblock I’ve faced, and that was gaining the confidence to pursue what made me happy, even when it meant leaving a stable, prestigious, and successful job in order to start over and likely fail.”.

So how did a twice successful make the decision to join the ranks of Classic Ford Broncos owners? “I’ve wanted a Bronco since I was 15, I saw a red Bronco […] and I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.” Jason told us, as we delivered his frame off restoration to his downtown LA office. “Your Broncos are a perfect mix of authenticity and sophistication.”

Jason was adamant about owning a first year Ford Bronco, so that’s exactly what Classic Ford Broncos built. No replicas here, the donor truck was an original 1966 Ford Bronco that underwent the exceptional but “standard” process of full frame off restoration and conversion to a Coyote Drivetrain at the Classic Ford Broncos production facility located just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

But outside of the quality of the build, Jason commented that the real strength of the Classic Ford Bronco experience was the partnership and guidance during the design phase of his restoration. “I enjoy not having to become an expert in building a Bronco in order to receive what I want. I prefer […] knowing that [Classic Ford Broncos] has already made the right decisions for me”.

“And we can only do that when we know who our client is and have a real understanding of what they are doing with the Bronco” mentioned company owner Bryan Rood. “We love these old farm trucks, and we love the stories of the people our restorations have connected us with even more”. 

So what’s left on the bucket list for Jason? “At this point, my bucket list is pretty short” commented Jason. “Honestly, buying this Ford Bronco was definitely a scratch off of the bucket list.”.

Classic Ford Broncos' trucks are a perfect mix of authenticity an sophistication.

Jason Oppenheim