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Buying and owning a Classic Ford Bronco isn’t for everyone. Hell, we’re not for everyone. This is our passion and we’re looking for customers who feel the same way. This is your big chance to drive a unique piece of Americana.

It’s true that the early Broncos lived up to their name. And while Frey and Axelrad were certainly visionaries, those early Broncos proved to be a bit of a wild ride. It’s in our DNA to want something we can’t tame, right? Here at Classic Ford Broncos we’ve figured out to do just that. We take the vintage appeal of the early Bronco we all love, and add the modern mechanicals that will make you love driving it. Stopping when you want to stop isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of modern Wilwood high-performance disc brakes. We’ll blend our aesthetic requirements with your personality, and the result will be an envy-inducing Bronco that will stand out in any crowd.

Meet Bryan

The Truck

The build starts with an original Ford Bronco produced from 1966 to 1977. Add new metal, a new engine and transmission, off-road tires, a hint of luxury, and of course, a modern brake system. It looks mean. It sounds great. It performs like a boss. It’s like getting a 60s-70s factory model with 2017 technology. Pure fun on pavement, or off.

Bronco Donor Specs
Donor Ford Bronco 1966 - 1977
Tub Licensed Ford reproduction body
Front End Dana 44, 4.11 gear ratio
Read End Ford 9", 4.11 gear ratio
Dash Factory dash with original layout
Frame Original factory frame

The Process

Step 1

Call us on 614-430-8250 or drop Bryan an email Tell him your hopes and dreams for the build — any transmission preferences, favorite trucks we’ve done, other inspirations, driving uses, budget restraints, jokes, bar tricks, etc.

Step 2

Based on your input, Bryan will suggest a couple of directions (e.g., stock built with a/c, Coyote engine, hard top).

Step 3

If you are ok with that direction, and you have your financial advisors permission, place your order and we will begin working on your mock-up and estimate.

What Next?

From there, we’ll make a payment and build schedule. We’ll set an initiation date on which your first installment (one third of the total build estimate) will be due. Once you make your first payment, we’ll be off to the races.

Feel free to contact Bryan with any questions. We know it’s a lot to consider, but it’s kind of a big deal! We think you’ll be stoked with the process, and more importantly, the finished product.

What About The Benjamins?

By now you’re starting to visualize the Bronco in your head, and it’s pretty damn exciting, isn’t it? We understand, but first, a healthy dose of reality. You are buying a custom truck. It’s a big-ticket item. If you want to pay for it all upfront, we’ll drink a toast to your good name. We might even name the truck after you. If not, we’ll break it up into 4 payments of 10% (deposit credited towards balance), 30%, 30% and 30%. Easy peasy.

Once you have a confirmed spot in the queue, we’ll require the 10% deposit to hold the spot. The trucks in this offering range from $159,000 USD to $255,000 so we need to make sure you have some skin in the game. Keep in mind that 10% deposit is in fact, just that. So, if you’re harboring any thoughts that you will be receiving a fully customized Bronco for $7,500 – $12,000, more than likely you’re a Chevy Blazer driver suffering from exhaust fume inhalation.

Configurations Explained

Our Classic Bronco Types

The overall design for all versions is the same with some changeable elements — namely powertrain. And price – they’re each slightly more than the first 1966 Bronco whose window sticker featured the bargain price of $2,194.

This one is a true restomod. Fitted with Ford’s 2020 modular fuel-injected Coyote engine and your choice of 5-speed manual, or 6 speed automatic with overdrive. Let’s go back to the engine for a second. This mother kicks out 435 hp and 390 ft-lb of torque. It’s Ford’s modern racing version of the 5.0 and this one will put you back in the saddle when you jump on it. And we fully expect you to jump on it. Other notable features include HD drive shafts; in-tank fuel pump, Atlas twin stick transfer case, and a custom 3” Borla exhaust system.

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Further Variations

We have a full list of additional options. Both versions can be upgraded from the standard build. Options include a/c, hardtop, soft-top, carpet kit, stainless trim, bumpers, custom leather interior, tinted glass, custom wheels, and a handful of other things. You want other things, right?


Our payment schedule is very simple. You pay us. We accept the payment. God Bless America. All kidding aside (Bryan wants to know who’s kidding) after our initial meetings, and sign-off on estimate, a 10% deposit will be due to hold your spot. At the start date of your project another 30% payment will be due. Once the truck comes out of the paint shop we collect the 2nd payment of 30%. The final 30% payment, plus any remaining balance, will be due at completion of your build. The truck must be paid in full prior to being released. Payments are all due within 5 business days of billing. We are a car dealer so sales tax will be collected for the following states: Ohio, Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Carolina.

Build Times

Estimated build time is 3 months from the start date of your project. The anticipation will kill you, but we’ll do our best to make it go faster than your high school summer vacation. You will be given an estimated build date but things come up and parts go on back order. That’s why it’s called an estimated build date. If the project before you gets delayed, so does yours. Did we point out that it’s an estimated build date? But seriously, our goal is to keep everyone up to date with schedule changes. If you’re not happy, we’re not…wait, that’s not true. We’ll probably remain disgustingly optimistic throughout the entire process. If you absolutely have to have your truck sooner than advertised, call us and we’ll figure $omething out.


Clearly, this is a serious purchase for a particular kind of enthusiast. Please just think it through before making your final decision. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us to clarify. If you are used to driving a brand new Range Rover and expect this truck to drive the same, this is not the truck for you. Although we are restoring the truck with all new parts it is still a 40+ year old design. If you’d like to come here and test drive a similar finished Bronco, let us know and we’ll help make that happen.

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