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Designing your Classic Ford Broncos interior is the most bespoke part of our Bronco building process.  Blending our craftsmanship with your desired aesthetic truly makes the vehicle yours whether you choose to add your personal touches or let CFB guide you to an incredible result.  We partner with Dave Vos of Customs By Vos to deliver handmade, awe-inspiring custom interiors of the highest quality.  The exterior will no doubt grab everyone’s attention, but your interior will drop their jaw.

Designing your interior

There are three main decisions to make in regards to your interior design. All of these options can be found and seen within the Bronco Builder.  By the time of your design call, it’s recommended you have at least a good idea of the options and how you’d like to see your interior look within these categories.  From there, during your design call, you will be introduced to the finer details of the design.  These by no means are mandatory, but can offer that extra personal touch if you’re looking for something truly bespoke.

  1. 01

    First, you choose your desired stitch pattern:  Straight, Diamond, Woven or Tartan.

  2. 02

    Second, you choose your material color.  Here you’ll find five standard color options for each Smooth Leather and Distressed Leather.

  3. 03

    Third, to tie the whole truck together, you’ll choose which flooring option you’d like:  Bedlined, Black Carpet, Custom Carpet or Teak Boat Flooring.


We encourage all clients to take a deep dive into our history of bespoke Classic Ford Broncos and take note of interiors that catch your eye.  Save photos and have them at the ready for your design call.  If you have questions, we have answers!

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