Consider the Ford Bronco.

(No, not that one.)

Legendary muscle. Iconic off-roader. The ultimate weekend escape vehicle/gravel spitter/beach cruiser.

They don’t make ‘em like they use to.

They make ‘em better:

Introducing Classic Ford Broncos, a spankin’ new one-stop service dedicated to fully restoring and kitting out our favorite 4×4 of yore.

CFB retrofits first generation (1966-77) Ford Bronco bodies and frames with brand new factory parts — from the transmission all the way down to the interior hardware.

Vintage 4x4s with Mustang Engines? Why Not.

Vintage 4x4s with Mustang Engines? Why Not.

Downside: The garage is out in Ohio.

Upside: they ship. And tell ya’ what, these fellas know their way around a truck.

Even if you’re not a car guy, you must peruse their past builds.

If you dream it, they can build it: three different engine options — fuel injected or carbureted — including a 5.0L Coyote.

That’d be a Mustang engine.

Vintage 4x4s with Mustang Engines? Why Not.

As for the upgrades: New custom paint. Suspension and wheels. Leather interiors. Bluetooth audio. Manual and automatic options.

Make it show-worthy. Or just plain rugged. Either way, give ‘em a ring.

Then get the hell outta dodge.

This article originally appear in InsideHook.

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