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We don’t claim to be the undisputed kings of custom-built trucks – although we’re pretty damn good at it. Nor do we claim to deliver pristine trailer queens. It’s safe to say that the trucks we do build are a good representation of what we love to do – take older, worn out trucks and turn them into works of art that are meant to be driven.

$ 75,000

Old Salt II

Someone once said "they're only original once", and every now and then we find one that has too much original character to do a frame-off restoration. This Patina Beauty is a great example of that.

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$ Upon Request

Bakersfield Beauty

Sometimes, simple is the right answer. That was our approach on this gorgeous 1970 Bronco. We started with an incredibly clean donor, and built this beauty with simple, classy touches. Paired with Peacock Blue paint, she's a reliable daily driver that's ready for the miles.

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Sometimes, we like 'em the way our grandfather would have driven them. This truck pulled all those heartstrings when we found her.

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’77 Ranger

This uncut 1977 original Classic Ford Bronco is an exceptional example of old-school cool. Ready to roll as-is, or a great candidate for modification, this one is going to go quick!

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$ 265,000

Icon Bronco #46

The one, the only, the Icon BR series. The first to market with a Coyote 5.0L Restoration, Jonathan Ward and his team at Icon continues to build an exceptional example of what a Bronco can be.

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$ 105,000


The Sears Tower, Navy Pier, and now a 1975 Alpine White Classic Ford Bronco... all amazing things to go check out while you find yourself in Chi-town.

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$ 60,000

Key Lime

From her faded ranger hood decal to the factory creme interior, she has Sunday morning cruise written all over her.

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$ 70,000

Route 66

A complete 60's heartthrob, this vintage style restoration of an early 1966 Bronco is nostalgia incarnate. Whether it lives a life on the beach, or take the journey of a lifetime down the mother road, this truck is sure to turn heads.

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$ 215,000

Icon Bronco #2

We know how to pick 'em, and this one is no exception. With just over 1,200 pampered miles this Matte Black ICON BR still presents itself as brand new. With modern industrial design queues and a myriad of custom goodies, this truck was Icon's second Bronco build, and is the perfect truck for those that don't want to wait and want it now!

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