Classic Ford Broncos: With a bundle of cash in your hand, you are spoiled for choice: for example, a brisk Audi Q5 in full equipment in the dreariness of arbitrariness goes down or a real car after all turn around.

Classic Ford Broncos

And exactly these cars are not easy to find. Vehicles that everyone turns around. Not with a shake of the head because you saw again a poser with sports exhaust, but a rare car with format and class.

If you want to spend nearly $ 75,000 on a special car, you should take a closer look at the Ford Bronco.

Classic Ford Broncos – long live true individualism

Here are the most important data in short form:
Year: 1974 with 5l engine (4 cylinders) on 31 “tires. The combination of green paint and wood is also extremely rare. More stylish than with the “Woodie” you can not get through the urban jungle.

You can buy this and other rare Broncos from  Bryan Rood . A visit to the website is always worthwhile.

Classic Ford Broncos
There are bad 70s charms


Classic Ford Broncos
Boat or bronco? This equipment does not exist at Audi.


Who needs a panoramic roof with this view?


Classic Ford Broncos
He chose green and is partly made of wood. That must even love SUV haters


Classic Ford Broncos
A car to fall in love with – for life.

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