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Icon BR #37

Our first dose of high-end Bronco came from out west at ICON. All these years later, we’ve still got a soft spot for their modern styling. We only want to represent the finest Broncos on the market, so when we got a call with an offer to pick up BR #37, we did. Skip the line, and get this one in your garage years before your buddies. You can take them for a cruise in yours while they wait on theirs to be built. I’m sure they won’t be jealous at all.

Our custom built bronco trucks offer uncompromising style with a vintage appeal. We craft custom vehicles for the connoisseur, taking bespoke requirements into account for a truly versatile vehicle. We can build you a truck like this, or you can build your own bronco. For more inspiration, or if you just want to hang out then see more vintage ford broncos for sale in our catalogue. Or just reach out for more information on how to get yourself behind the wheel of your own classic ford bronco.

Wait, there’s more. If, like us, you’re fascinated by these amazing vehicles you might be interested in finding out more about the different Bronco generations where we delve into the history all the Bronco models throughout the years. In all of our builds you’ll find either a 302 or Coyote 5.0 engine and if you’ve ever wondered what is a crate engine, we’ve got that covered too!

  • Model Year


  • Engine

    Ford Racing 5.0L Coyote

  • Exterior Color

    Matte Silver

  • Interior Color

    Black & Silver Woven Upholstery

  • CFB Build


  • Chassis

    4R70W Automatic
    Lift Height
    Borgeson Power Steering
    Hydroboost Disc Brakes
  • Exterior

    33" BFG All-Terrain
    ICON Custom Full Cage
    Hard Top
  • Interior

    Outdoor Upholstery
    Custom Outdoor Grade Carpet Kit

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